Ken W. Good- President/Website Committee

Kenneth Wayne Good is the president and chair of the website committee for the book club. He started reading books while working on the family farm in Gorman, TX with his favorite cow “Pet.” Before starting a career in law, Kenny Wayne pursued a degree in acting (to be a better lawyer) before eventually becoming a high school Spanish teacher. Soon after realizing he could not speak Spanish; he began attending Texas Tech School of Law. In his spare time Kenny Wayne reads other books outside of book club, watches movies and plays pranks on his fellow book club members.

Terri M. Good- Vice President

Teresa Marie Good is the vice president of the book club, and the most beautiful of all the club’s members. She has led a very successful career as an attorney for over 20 years and gets smarter every single day. In between book club reading, Teresa is a strong runner and has completed two full marathons and countless other races. She takes her duties in book club very seriously and calls each club meeting to order. Her favorite color is purple.

Michele K. Chai- Secretary/Treasurer

Michele Kay Chai is the treasurer and secretary for the book club and is four years older than her younger sister Teresa. Michele graduated from the Univeristy of Texas. She works tirelessly as a neonatologist and completed medical school at the University of South Florida. Like her sister, Michele is one of the most beautiful members in book club and attends every meeting in person or by Skype. Michele also enjoys running and has run multiple marathons. Her favorite book genre is historical fiction, and she prefers to read at home in her bed with her dog Suki.

Darby M. Good- Design Committee

Darby Marie Good is the chair of the design committee for the book club. She is a junior at Baylor University and like her mother Teresa she enjoys running. Darby designed the book club’s logo and enjoys participating in book club each month. Her favorite book club book so far has been “Where the Crawdads Sing.” When she’s not reading or running, Darby enjoys hanging out with Maddy and working at her university’s newspaper.

Maddy K. Chai- Genre Advisory Committee

Madeleine Kay Chai is the chair of the genre advisory committee and organizes the list of upcoming books. She is a freshman at Boston University and enjoys going to the school’s hockey games. Madeleine has participated in gymnastics her entire life and is on the university’s gymnastics team. Book club is something she looks forward to each month and she enjoys the club’s discussions. Two of her favorite things are sloths and her dog Suki. She also enjoys pointing out all the mistakes made by the President.

Jonathan Chai- Music Committee

Jonathan Theodore Chai is a member of the music committee for the book club and can play any instrument with strings. The violin is his personal favorite to play fiddle music. Jonathan is a neonatologist like his wife Michele and attended Yale Medical School. He is a beer aficionado and enjoys hanging out with his friends while playing music. When he is not playing music or working at the hospital, you can find him either working out or reading the current book for book club.

Nick Chai- Music Committee

Nicholas Avery Chai is a member of the book club’s music committee. He loves playing with fire, literally, and joined the boy scouts to learn how to handle fire safely. Nicholas now performs with fire as a part of his circus act. He played the cello for over 10 years starting in fourth grade and was a member of a string quartet. He still enjoys music today and chooses songs that best accompany his fire performances. Agatha Christie has been one of his favorite authors from the book club readings.

Ray Dean- Music Committee

Michael Ray Dean is a member of the music committee for the book club. He loves playing the piano and has three poodles: Jacque, Louis, and Nicole. Ray is one of the coolest people in book club and reads about 1-2 books per week. He joined book club during the Christmas edition with “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas” and became a member of the club. Ray is beloved by everyone in book club and if Kenny Wayne isn’t careful, Ray may be voted the next president during election season.

Sean Kellogg- Privacy Committee

Sean Kellogg is a member of the book club’s privacy committee. He is from Colorado. All other information is private at this time.